Emerald IR Pack

Get Jesters sweetest Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses he has ever created! For Free!

Emerald IR Pack
6 IRs included
Zero cost! All SWEET!

Get Jesters sweetest Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses he has ever created!

The Celestion Greenback

The Celestion Greenback G12-M 25 Watt Guitar Speaker is a popular guitar speaker known for its classic British rock sound. It has been used in countless recordings and live performances by famous guitarists, and is highly sought after by guitar enthusiasts.

The Greenback G12-M was first introduced in the late 1960s and has since become one of the most iconic guitar speakers of all time. It features a 12-inch diameter and a power rating of 25 watts, making it suitable for a wide range of guitar amps and configurations.

The Greenback G12-M is known for its warm and creamy midrange, which is often described as "vintage" or "classic". It also has a pronounced upper-midrange that gives it a slightly aggressive edge, making it ideal for rock and blues styles.

One of the reasons why the Greenback G12-M is so popular is its ability to handle high volumes without distortion or breakup. This makes it an excellent choice for players who want a powerful, full-bodied sound without sacrificing clarity or definition.

Overall, the Celestion Greenback G12-M 25 Watt Guitar Speaker is a reliable and versatile choice for guitarists of all levels and styles. Whether you're playing classic rock, blues, or heavy metal, this speaker can deliver the tone and power you need to make your music stand out.

Excellence handpicked

We all invest too much time in tinkering our Guitar Sound instead of making Music.
That is why I selected only the best IR’s I’ve created.
I’ve invested the Time so you don’t have to.

Be creative! These are not only for Modern Metal Tones, but can be awesome in other Music Genres.

Marshall 4x12 1960AX

Celestion Greenback G-12M 25W

Shure SM57
Sennheiser Evolution e606

Microphone Preamps:
Neve style Golden Age Project PRE73 MKIII

Steinberg UR816C

Impulses are included in 44.1 an 48 kHz in 24 Bit

Captured in a dry Studio Room.

Impulse Responses are something wonderful.
Never has it been easier to create crushing Guitar Tones on such a high level of quality.

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Free Download

Jesters Emerald Pack is absolutely free even for commercial use.

You get:
- Impulse Responses as WAV Files
- 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz
- Manual with additional Information